photo © Sandrine Rohrmoser



Born and raised in Vienna, Rudi Berger began studying Classical Violin at Prayner Conservatory when he was 6 years old. At the age of seven he took up piano lessons for four years. His grandfather who was an amateur accordion player & folklore singer taught Rudi to play with him by ear.

At age fteen he wrote his first songs made his first public appearances and recordings with Blues guitarist & singer Al Cook and began jamming and gigging with his friends and musicians of the Viennese Gypsy scene. After finishing high school he played as a multi-instrumentalist/singer in a night club band for two years, alongside playing violin with classical and traditional Viennese Waltz orchestras and finishing his studies of classical violin at the Conservatory of Vienna.

Before moving to New York in 1986, Rudi had already created a stir within the European Jazz scene with his formations (Rudi Berger`s Good News, R.B. Group, R.B. Quartett and R.B. Project) and his three-year stint as soloist of the newly-founded “Vienna Art Orchestra”. He released his debut album “First Step” and was voted Violinist of the year in 1985 & 86 by the European magazine “Jazz Live”.

photo © Pedro Lippi

After one year living in the city the legendary jazz broadcaster WKCR invited him to play a “Live Special” with his first New York Quartet ( Joe Calderazzo, Mike Formanek and Adam Nussbaum).

In 1989 he has been performing the music of Astor Piazzolla at the American Music Theatre Festival (New York, Philadelphia, Charleston), under the supervision of the tango composer himself.

In the same year he met Brazilian guitar composer Toninho Horta whom he has teamed up with on more than 500 occasions. In 1999 he held a post as guest professor of the University of Belo Horizonte (UFMG) for two years and moved 2003 to Brazil.

Over the years Rudi Berger has performed all over Brazil with many of the nest instrumentalists and singers and continues his journey writing new music, developing his violin styles and being involved in social projects supporting native Indians. Rudi Berger’s career development has seen him achieve his unique standing and musical style in the world of Jazz Violin and has resulted in him being considered one of the most original and trend-setting current voices of his genre.

In 2019 Rudi Berger & the Three World Band will tour for the sixth time Europe and celebrate the beauty of diversity with their music which challenges peoples mind and goes straight to the heart.